Renewable Energy

December 30, 2020

Keeping in line with GOSL’s renewable energy policy and vision, MAC ventured into this sphere of business to stimulate growth and advance the cause of “Green Energy” by representing investors, offering partnerships & to form joint ventures, facilitating applications with the respective government authorities for all required approvals and licenses and offering the total scope of logistics. By 2030, GOSL expect the country’s renewable energy mix to be 40% of the total portfolio and anticipates that hydro and renewable energy together would account for 80% of the overall energy mix by 2030.

Our newly appointed Chairman Mr. Fumio Otani who is residing and working from Japan will spearhead this sector with all his expertise which he has gained over 38 years working with multinationals on the same field.

Renewable energy has now become a widely discussed subject and is needed as part of the overall energy mix of a country, which consists of Hydro, Thermal, Coal and alternative renewable energies. It will ensure that the country has access to low-cost energy needed for rapid economic acceleration. MAC is currently involved in managing many renewable projects for a vast array of energy companies. The company, helps procure land for such projects, manages and builds the entire energy project, and transfer the project to the respective client, as a total turnkey solution.