Fisheries &

Fishing Wisely, Farming Responsibly, Feeding the World

Our experience translates to years of successful operation in fishing, processing, packaging and exporting prime grade sashimi quality fish to Japan, whilst exporting subsequent grades to the European and United States Markets, in addition to the local market.

All fisheries activities are carried out in a sustainable & environment friendly manner through employing traditional artisan multi hook short line fishing techniques.

With access to a fishing license, MAC intends to engage the service of foreign fishing operators in possession of modern technologies, to partner with us in order to engage in a sustainable fishing industry for both local & export consumption.

Our extensive experience in agriculture translates to years of successful operation in cultivating, harvesting, processing, and distributing high-quality produce to local and international markets. We have honed our expertise in sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, ensuring the long-term health of our land and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our adoption of traditional farming techniques that embrace time-tested, artisanal methods. These practices prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and natural resource conservation. Through responsible land management and crop rotation, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing the quality of our agricultural products.

Additionally, we hold the necessary permits and licenses to engage in agriculture, and we are actively seeking collaborations with international partners who possess modern agricultural technologies. By teaming up with such experts, we aim to foster a sustainable agricultural industry that caters to both local demand and global export markets. Our dedication to sustainable farming practices ensures the longevity and vitality of our agricultural endeavours, benefiting both the environment and consumers alike.