Freeport Operations

Unleashing Trade Potential from Green Channel to Global Market

Taking advantage of the strategic location of Sri Lanka, our freeport offers a multitude of services including green channel operations, logistics services, entrepot trade, multi-country consolidation, BPO and HQ operations. Because of Sri Lanka’s location, we can also provide you with the extra benefit of unmatched air and marine connectivity with our longstanding partnerships with shipping and airlines. Our international distribution centers are the best entry point for international trade since they are completely furnished with the latest technology to meet all of your storage and value-adding demands. They also have highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, the best safety and security, and specialized personnel.

Scope of Services Offered

Enterpot trade

Re-exportation of imported cargo with or without any additional processing or repacking

Off-shore business Handling

Facilitating international cross-trade without the physical cargo movement via Sri Lanka

Front-end services to global clients

Business process outsourcing operations

Headquarter operation

Establish your regional office in Sri Lanka

Logistic services

Free zone clearance, transportation, warehousing & value-added services