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Step back in time and discover the rich tapestry of ancient wonders with Antiquity, your premier Destination Management Company which caters to Sri Lanka and Maldives. Presently in an era of rapid infrastructure development and economic growth, we at Antiquity strongly believe Sri Lanka is still the ideal holiday destination for today’s savvy and discerning traveller. We feel the time is right to shed light on the island’s rich and distinctive heritage, and sandy beaches, and explore the abundant marine life and diving hot spots which surround the island. Or simply extend the Sri Lankan tour to the serene sands of Maldivian beaches.

A treasure trove of natural marvels and historical significance, Home to a myriad of attractions from virgin forests, colonial strongholds, sacred cities and religious sites. An echo of a prosperous period in history, expanded over 3000 years.

The handpicked “A-Team” of Antiquity comprised individuals with specific talents, each one’s strength carefully channelled to run a clinical operation. Crafting personalized itineraries that unlock the true essence of each location, ensuring the traveller’s journey becomes an unforgettable memory.

As a team, we have set the bar high and changed the course of present-day tourism, while earning a high level of trust and Integrity.
Antiquity – where historical charm meets modern comfort, creating journeys that transcend time. Let us be your guide as you traverse this enchanting destination we call our home.

“Sri Lanka – You’ll come back for more”