Apey Resorts

Offering Environmentally Sustainable Resorts

Apey Resorts is a local brand in Sri Lanka that aims to provide environmentally sustainable accommodation to the local tourism industry. Their first project, Apey Resorts Gal Oya, is dedicated to leading the way in sustainable tourism. The resort features luxury modular rooms made from eco-friendly materials, reducing environmental disruption and promoting sustainability. The modular construction method significantly reduces waste and onsite environmental impact, maintaining the pristine beauty of Gal Oya.

The resort is powered primarily by renewable energy sources, including solar panels and natural gas generation on site. Advanced water management systems, such as rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling, are employed to conserve water and reduce waste. A strict zero-waste policy is adhered to, incorporating comprehensive recycling, composting, and responsible disposal practices.

Guests can enjoy farm-to-table dining experiences with organic, locally sourced ingredients, celebrating Sri Lankan flavours while supporting local farmers and reducing food miles. Apey Resorts Gal Oya partners with local artisans and businesses, providing employment opportunities and promoting cultural heritage through programs and activities.

The resort’s prime focus is preserving the natural habitat of Gal Oya’s wildlife and natural reserves. They have devised strategies to protect marine ecology, forest conservation, and environmental protection. The eco-hotel aims to enhance the natural surroundings without disturbing the ecological equilibrium of the area, blending seamlessly into the natural world.