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Dive into breathtaking cultures, savour unforgettable moments, and discover the magic of a world waiting to be explored. MAC Travels, your trusted partner in crafting exceptional travel experiences, unlocks its doors to Europe and the rest of the world to experience Sri Lanka’s vibrant soul.

We’ve been the go-to source for travel expertise in France, Benelux, and Scandinavia, curating tailor-made journeys for discerning travellers across the globe. Our deep understanding of these diverse regions coupled with a relentless focus on quality and service has positioned us as a leading light in the B2B travel landscape.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. In 2024, we’re unveiling an exciting new chapter: your dedicated B2C online booking platform, offering you the freedom to explore Europe and Sri Lanka at your own pace. Dream of climbing the Sigiriya Lion Rock? Exploring the remnants of a once-majestic palace complex atop the rock? Built-in the late 5th century, or unravelling the ancient mysteries of Sri Lanka? With our comprehensive selection of activities and tours, your personalized adventure awaits just a click away.

And for those seeking an immersive, hassle-free experience, we proudly introduce our new Scheduled Tour operation in Sri Lanka. Step into a world of captivating landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and breathtaking natural beauty. Our expertly crafted itineraries, led by passionate guides, promise an unforgettable exploration of this island paradise.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller seeking unparalleled service or a curious explorer embarking on your first adventure, MAC Travels is your guiding star.