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With over 150 years’ history, combined with modern operational infrastructure, and a highly dynamic management team, Equity Services Limited possesses every competency to develop superior solutions to its partners and customers. Its impeccable and unblemished record places Equity Services Limited as one of the most efficient & reliable ships agency companies in Sri Lanka.

Carson & Company, one of the oldest shipping agency houses established in 1860, merged with Cumberbatch & Company in 1947 to form Carson Cumberbatch & Company. Keeping with the legislation at that time, Equity Services Ltd was incorporated as a fully owned subsidiary to act as the shipping agent, which saw the transferring of all shipping functions.

Equity Services Limited is one of the oldest professional ship agency companies which offers full agency services at every commercial & fishing port of Sri Lanka. Further to this, it has represented some principles for over 100 years.

Equity Services Limited was rebranded as MAC Equity Maritime Services Limited is now a subsidiary of MAC Holdings Private Limited, representing its ships agency sector. While MAC Equity Maritime Services Limited is engaged in agency services for Ship Owners and Principals, it represents and is affiliated with global industry leaders, covering the vast spectrum of the shipping industry. This uniquely qualifies MAC Equity Maritime Services Limited to facilitate any type of scope in the maritime industry, from ships agency, transportation of oversized cranes and wind towers, and supplying diving expertise to lay submarine cables under water.

At MAC Equity Maritime Services Limited, our priority has been personalized services, and will continue to focus on delivering customized solutions for our business partners & customers.

As your global husbandry agent, MAC delivers the best care for all your vessel’s husbandry matters in port, anchorage and off port limit (OPL)

Our Control Centre (CC) in Sri Lanka operates 24/7/365 to give your vessel easy access to suppliers and assistance anywhere in Sri Lanka.

We can combine our husbandry services with ship agency and a range of shipping and logistics services to create a tailor-made integrated support package to meet the specific needs of every vessel and every port calls.