Additional Services

Beyond Routine, a Complete Port Agency Experience

Our maritime services encompass a diverse range of offerings tailored to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. Beyond traditional provisions, we specialize in supplying marine boats and tugs, facilitating seamless transportation and logistics. Our underwater hull cleaning and inspection services ensure vessels maintain optimal performance and adhere to stringent safety standards. Additionally, our skilled team is adept in handling electrical, mechanical, and carpentry works, providing comprehensive maintenance solutions. With expertise in salvage operations, we swiftly respond to emergencies, mitigating risks and safeguarding assets. Our assistance extends to arranging dry-docking and repairs, guaranteeing vessels undergo meticulous upkeep. Moreover, we excel in providing agency services for foreign naval and cruise vessels, facilitating smooth operations in unfamiliar waters. We offer lay-up assistance, preserving vessels during periods of inactivity, and specialize in ship-to-ship transfers (STS), facilitating efficient cargo exchanges at sea.

  • Supply of Marine Boat and Tug
  • Underwater Hull cleaning/ Inspection services
  • Electrical, Mechanical & Carpentry works
  • Salvage Operations
  • Dry-Docking / Repairs Arrangements
  • Foreign Naval and Cruise vessel agency services
  • Lay-Up assistance
  • Ship to ship transfers (STS)